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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Tips to improve your marketing strategy

Did you know that your email database expires at a rate of 25% per year because automated emails are being pushed to the bottom of the inbox. And did you also know that TV advertising is getting less and less effective due to 86% of people skip the ads because of Sky+ and YouTube etc.

There are studies that show that 54% of companies increased their investment in social media and blogs in 2011. Leads generated via inbound marketing tactics like blogging & social media cost 62% LESS

Have you tried offering free trials to demonstrate the value of your product and increase conversion? Sharing free, relevant content online helps search engines, & prospects, find you.

89% of internet users search online before they make a purchase, even when the purchase is made at a local business.

Companies that blog can more than double their website traffic and get 70% more leads and of these companies, 57% have acquired a customer through their blog.

Why don’t you Contact us for a chat about the effect it can have on your business marketing.

With these facts to go by, What have you got to lose?

Research and stats have been collated from HubSpot.com/FreeUnicorns

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