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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

FREE Website Funding for UK Businesses

If the business you own or work for is looking to promote its online presence but is worried about how much money they will have to spend, then worry no more.

Media City Way have had a strong working relationship with the University of Bolton and the Unite With Business project for over 18 months and have helped numerous businesses in the north west showcase their skills on the web.

The Unite with Business project enables and injection of expertise by providing businesses with additional skills to achieve their business projects.

Are you Eligible?

  1. Your business is registered in the UK
  2. Your business has had to be trading for a minimum of 12 months
  3. You are a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) with no more than 250 employees

Why choose Media City Way?

  1. Bespoke websites, we only build unique websites, no templates will be used!
  2. A background in understanding and building commercial websites
  3. Tailored website, everything you do need, nothing you don't
  4. In depth knowledge of web design, development, hosting, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), database architecture, branding and graphic design including print.
For more information please read the Company briefing notes or contact Media City Way to see if we have the funding for your website.

Deadline Dates

Please send all enquires to Media City Way before 7th December 2012, a quick 2 minute email could potentially save your business spending thousands of pounds on a website you could get free funding for.

Examples of our free funded websites:

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