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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Website Content Management

To have the ability to manage the content of a website yourself is something that is uppermost in some of our client’s desirable features when we ask for their wish list, but as we expand our client base we come across an issue that keeps raising its head.

When a web designer makes you a site in, for example, Wordpress, please make sure that you understand who has control of the administration. Quite legitimately some designers install and style a Wordpress content management system (CMS) asking the client to pay for any updating.  

The point of a CMS is to be able to manage it yourself, isn’t it?  So please make sure that if you want to, you have the admin rights to do so. Some smaller businesses don’t want, or can afford the outlay or monthly management fee and sometimes feel a little duped when their admin panel is restricted, so please make sure that you ask the right questions to make sure you get exactly the amount of management you require.

If your site does not contain a CMS and you feel that you have had enough of paying somebody to update it, or if you have a website that you are really happy with but content never changes then we may be able to help. We can add page management into any of the web pages you require giving you a simple log in and interface that is really simple to master allowing you to administer the content at any given time without any additional cost or monthly maintenance once set up.

If this is something that you feel will benefit you then please contact us any time to have an informal chat or just to get any additional information or questions cleared up, we don't bite, honest.

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