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Monday, 28 October 2013

Networking with a heart

Benefit your business, your local community and support charities both locally and worldwide…!

Worsley Rotary Club run a fortnightly Business Networking Meeting at the Worsley Novotel starting bright and early at 06:45, with a fantastic full buffet breakfast at 08:00. For an updated schedule of when the next networking meetings are click the link below:
Worsley Rotary Networking Schedule

Based on the principles of Rotary, the meetings provide local businesses with a forum to promote their goods and services to each other in an informal environment on a regular basis, giving those attending the opportunity to build long lasting relationships founded on trust, the very essence of long term business development.

The Objectives of the meetings, aimed primarily at local businesses, are:
  • Raise awareness of local businesses amongst local business owners
  • Promote local contacts for local goods and services
  • Share ideas and thoughts for success in our businesses
  • Pass work, or referrals for work, to each other
  • Raise a small amount of money each month for the Rotary club
  • Enjoy a good breakfast! 

Through the regular meetings the benefits of buying locally for a local business will be emphasised, in essence these can be summarised as: 
  • We get to know more of our business neighbours.
  • If you decide to do business with someone you get to know and trust, knowing and trusting you they are more likely to do business with you, or recommend your business to their business contacts.
  • Local businesses will typically employ Local people, who will spend their earnings locally, to the benefit of the local community and businesses within that community.
  • It is more effective to use positive relationships to develop business. 

The events over the last month have been well supported and have given attendees very real business opportunities while benefiting the broad spectrum of Worsley Rotary Club’s activities within the local community, and wider afield. 

Membership applications are welcome. Fees are just £100 per annum, and can be paid in two instalments. 

Attendees pay a £12 meeting fee to cover the fully catered breakfast and venue facilities, £2 of which is donated to Worsley Rotary Club. Rotary supports a wide range of local community deserving causes, as well as providing funding to internationally coordinated efforts such as the world wide drive for the eradication of Polio. 

If you would like to take your share of the business we pass round, then join us for our next meeting. 

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