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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Resize multiple images at once | Photoshop

Today we were faced with resizing over 200 images, which to some people may sound like a nightmare but when you know how to resize multiple images in Photoshop this lengthy job becomes complete in a matter of seconds/minutes.

Step 1 - Load the Image Processor

Follow the steps in the screenshot below to load the image processor, this is the main tool for resizing all of your images at once

Step 2 - Find Your Folder

At the top of the Image Processor you'll see Select the images to process, here you have 2 options:
  1. If all of your images are open already in Photoshop click Use open images
  2. If (like us) your images are in a folder somewhere on your computer click Select folder and navigate to the folder where all your images are
If you have sub folders in your folder don't worry there's an option for that too, just like on our screenshot below tick the box that reads Include All sub-folders. You can leave the tick box "Open first image to apply settings" blank.

Step 3 - Choose where to save your new images

Now you can select where you want to save your new images, if you click the radio button Save in Same Location Photoshop will create a sub-folder in that folder for you so you don't lose or overwrite your original files. Alternatively you can select a folder if you want to and all your images will be saved there.

Step 4 - Set the Size, Quality and Format

Before the script runs you'll need to tell Photoshop what quality and format you'd like. Quality ranges from 0 (lowest) to 12 (the best), the higher the quality the bigger your image sizes will be. If (like us) you are creating images for the web we recommend choosing a Quality between 8 and 12 and also tick the box "Convert Profile to sRGB", this gives you better colour on the web. At the bottom of the window you'll also want to tick the box "Include ICC Profile".

Now to the main reason you're reading this post, resize your images. We are saving our images as jpeg's so we tick the box "Save as JPEG" we will also tick "Resize to Fit" because we want our images to keep their ratios. Now all that is left to do is enter the maximum size you want your image height and width to be. As mentioned don't worry about your images ratio, this will be exactly the same.

Step 5 - Run the Script

If you want to you can also select other formats to save your image, simply tick the format you want and to keep the images ratio tick "Resize to Fit".

You are now ready to resize your images, click the Run button at the top right of the page and watch your images be opened, resized and closed by Photoshop

To see your new resized images just go to the folder you told Photoshop where to save them.

If this post helped you out we'd love to hear from you, leave us a comment below.

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