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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Opencart Double Telephone Numbers when Checking Out

The Problem

We have recently been designing and developing a website with Opencart version and noticed that when checking out the form ask's you for your telephone number twice. This may not sound like a big deal to most people but consider your customers, why should they have to do something twice then they only have to do it once?

There are a few discussions on Opencarts forum about this issue with many people blaming Opencart themselves. The forums also claim there is no solution but before you leave scroll down the page.

The Solution

To fix this issue is rather simple once you know where to look, the code for the second telephone number isn't easily found in any of the files BUT the issue lies within the captcha which the Opencart checkout doesn't need to use when checking out, sure if a robot wants to come onto your site and give you money let them, the truth is it wouldn't happen.

To fix the problem you to go to the following file catalog > theme > YOURTHEMENAME > template > checkout > guest.tpl

Depending on your theme the line of code you want to remove may be on a different line so instead search for and remove  <?php echo $captcha; ?> there should only be 1 version of this in your guest.tpl file. Once you've removed that line, save the file and upload it to the same spot on the server. Go on your site and reload the checkout page and hip hip hooray the second telephone number has disappeared and your checkout form will work as it should.

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