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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Integrate your Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Accounts

We took on the role of finding a way to help people submit posts to one account that would then be automatically posted to any other accounts. So here's the easiest way we found to do this in 5 simple steps:

Step 1 - Visit www.twitterfeed.com and sign up. This is FREE of charge.

Step 2 - You should be taken to a page called New Feed but if not, click the button Create New Feed

Step 3 - Enter the name you want to call your feed and enter your blog's URL, this can be any kind of blog such as Blogger and Wordpress. We went through the Advanced settings too so that our blog posts could be assigned URL's on twitter if the content was too much. You can do this too by Shortening your links through Bit.ly, if you dont have an account go to www.bitly.com and create an account, FREE of charge. You'll need to enter your API information on twitterfeed. Your API login is your username and your API key can be found by going into the settings area of your bit.ly account.

Step 4 - Now you see a list of available services, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Simply click on the account you want to link you blog posts to and follow the easy instructions. You do not need to sign up to all the accounts if you do not want to. If you choose Facebook you will be asked if you want to submit blog posts to your page rather than your profile (if you are the admin of a page) or both.

Step 5 - Once you've finished adding your services click the All Done! button at the bottom of the page. Your blog posts will now be submitted to your selected accounts. Should you want to add an account later on you can do by signing back into your twitterfeed account and clicking on edit next to the feed you want to update.

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