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Saturday, 5 May 2012

The importance of a 404 error page.

A 404 error is shown to the visitor when a page can’t be found. It lets the user know that the page they are looking for isn’t there.

404 error

It could be that the user had a typing mistake when entering the page name, or it could be that a link is broken, but whatever the reason the 404 page returned to the user is an error page.

A custom 404 error page shows the visitor that you have considered their experience should they run into this certain problem.

There are a few basicthings could consider when making your custom 404 page.
  •  Style it to the same as your site so the users don’t think they have left.
  •  Keep your navigation, so visitors can easily find their way back.
  • Create simple way to report the error.
  • Have an apology and a brief explanation of what has just happened.
  • Maybe have a fun image to illustrate what has happened.

Having a custom 404 page not only helps the user navigate back to one of your pages, more importantly it stops them leaving altogether.

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