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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Screen resolutions

Web analytics reports that 1366x768 overtakes 1024x768 in worldwide statistics for the first time.

A major milestone in screen resolution sizes has been passed according to an independent web analytics company. It reports that for the first time, 1366x768 has become the most popular screen resolution worldwide, having overtaken 1024x768.

In the UK (April 2011 see graph below) 1366x768 and 1920x1080 were identical at just over 19%, but now (April 2012) 1920x1080 has fallen to 15.1% Over the same period 1366x768 has grown to 23.63%.

The third most popular size is 1024x768 at 10.28%.

The data gathered shows how popular larger screen resolutions are becoming. These statistics will need to be a significant consideration for web designers especially when creating pages with fixed widths.

Screen Resolutions
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                                                 Research and stats have been collated from http://gs.statcounter.com

If your site is using a fixed width, it may be starting to look lost within these popular resolutions. Give us a call or visit us at mediacityway.com for a chat to discuss how to upgrade your site.

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