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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Making an impact with your presentations

Keep your audience interested in your presentation and even give yourself a new delivery approach with a formatting style which is a little different from the crowd.

During your presentation it is possible to send your audience to sleep as you deliver one similar slide after another, the only difference being a default fade or tacky animation. I was recently talking to a client who, after the 5th presentation in the same morning, called it ‘Death by Powerpoint’.

The best way to interact with your audience is to show them something a little different, keep them interested, allow you keep eye contact but still use the slides as a prompt as you progress through your well practiced speech.

Allow Media City Way to reformat your tired old presentations in a way that that opens up a new world for you and your slides. Gain confidence and allow your presentation to lead you through the journey that you wish to take them.

The formatting style of the presentation area allows you to zoom in close and explore connections and ideas in a way your audience has probably never seen before. The end result is an eye opening presentation format to help you captivate the imagination of your audience. 

For a Demonstration of one of our presentations please go to our Presentations page where you can see exactly what we mean.

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