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Sunday, 26 August 2012

What is Google Penguin and how does it affect your website?

The Penguin update released on the 24th April 2012 is the name Google gave to one of their algorithms. The reason for this update is to check if a websites ranking is genuine. This means is the website where it is in the rankings because it has followed correct procedures or is the website there under false pretences.

The Penguin update delves deeper into finding out why a website has been ranked where it is and if Google's Webmaster Guidelines have been violated.

A website can be punished by the Penguin update if Black-hat SEO techniques have been used, these types of techniques include: cloaking, misused IP delivery, buying links from link farms/schemes, plagiarising content and keyword stuffing, it is through keywords being repeated too much (on the page and in meta tags) that many search engines do not read or digest the meta tag information.

What can you do to stop your website from being downgraded by the Penguin update?

  • Stop participating in buying links to your website

  • Remove any keywords that have been repeated or hidden from view, remember a search engine crawler reads your website differently to how a human reads it

  • Use a reputable company that understands search engines and their updates. This may not be as expensive as you think. Media City Way's SEO packages start from £60.00 per month and this includes everything your website needs to get you noticed in the search engines. Spend £100.00 per month and we will donate 25% of that money each month to a targeted pay per click campaign as well as performing extra analysis on your website.

  • Do not copy content unless you are providing a link to where you got the content from, this includes other Websites, eBooks, eJournals and all other types of media.

Have you noticed that your website has started to drop down through the rankings?

If so get in  touch with us and we will get your website jumping through the rankings once again.

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  1. To check if a websites ranking is genuine. Means, the website owners should be more careful when it comes to following right procedures. This is just fair though.

  2. Hi Haily,
    Correct, web designers and developers need to constantly be aware of new and old procedures to promote their customers website(s).


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