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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Why should I maintain my website? Part 1

Think about it, we maintain our house, car, garden etc because we don’t want it to look neglected and start to fail, or look old and tired, so why should we neglect our website? It still needs looking after, it still needs some care, and if things start to look old it starts to look neglected. Ask yourself this, would you visit a site or blog that didn’t have something different to offer? I’m sure I wouldn’t.

Maintenance comes in two colours, content maintenance and website maintenance. The first one refers to keeping on top of content and keeping the content fresh; the second one I’m referring to is the actual upkeep and inner workings.

Content Maintenance

Keeping your content up to date should be high on your ‘to do’ list, it includes images, written text, free downloads, in fact it’s what is needed to create and keep visitors wanting to return. It shows your audience that you are not only up to date with your site it shows that you are up to date on your subject.

If you have an e-Commerce site think about your products, announce when new ones will be arriving, any discounts on the old ones before the new arrivals. Tell about any price changes that are about to happen, it could actually push your visitors to buy now instead of later.

Talk about any news within your company; shout about your new staff arrivals, this tells the world how well you are doing. Have you any articles about you in the newspaper regarding your products or website? Have you had any articles published in any journals?
Think about the features on your site, can you afford any new ones that you couldn’t when you had it built? What are your competitors doing? What is working for them? Can you be the first to do something a little different? Remember that guy who was first to do a book of faces in his university, he isn’t doing too badly is he?
Have you a blog? if not then blogging about your subject is a great way to engage with your visitors and also to keep your content changing. All search engines love this, it goes hand in hand with your search position. For more info on blogging view one of our older posts on Tips to improve your marketing strategy
Its important to keep your regular visitors happy and to engage the new ones with informative content. Keep changing, adding and updating you content on a regular basis or visitors will find somebody who is.
The other colour I mentioned earlier will be posted next week.

If you need any help with the upkeep of your site, or just some general advice on what to do, just email me at Media City Way any time.

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