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Monday, 29 October 2012

The importance of a mobile version of your website (Part 1)

Everyday technology is now available within the palms of our hands, a few years ago we all used to go home and sit at our desktop PC's and browse the internet, soon after we were let loose with our laptops, remember how great it was to be able to site on the sofa and surf the net. Now it has been documented that 50% of all searches are done on a mobile device and how frustrating is it to visit a site just to see the large screen version where you have no option to pinch and zoom to be able to read any of the text.

How many times have you used your smartphone to view somebody else's website? Then you already know why it is wrong to assume that nobody is looking at yours.

Your site is the initial face of your business for everybody to see, it needs to give the impression that you are concerned about your user experience, it needs to show your customers that you have taken the time to make their visit as comfortable as possible with easy access to what they are looking for.

For the majority of websites, a mobile version needs to be a snapshot of your main site, all the main points easily arranged and rewritten to give your visitors what they are looking for in a precise and ordered manner. Mobile visitors are looking for information, services, opening times and contact details.

Mobile surfing is done on the bus or train, when you have 5 mins to spare or just killing time, it’s done for convenience, so why shouldn't your mobile version be as important as your, so called, main site?

Please go to www.mediacityway.com on your smart phone to see how your site could look. All the main points of interest are no more than two taps away from the landing page with the content optimised for speed of loading.

Next week I’ll let you know the best practices to use when building a mobile version of your own website.

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