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Friday, 30 November 2012

The importance of a mobile version of your website (Part 2)

Most on-line business who have a website use it for lead generation, as we mentioned in my last post due to latest browsing trends, a mobile version of your site is now just as important as your ‘main site’. We know 4G is now with us, and loading speeds have improved substantially, but mobile optimisation is about giving everybody the right experience, not just the ones with the latest tech. If you are considering optimising your on-line presence for smaller screens, here are a couple of things to bear in mind.

 Let you customers know where you can be found
It may be obvious, but it is important to have your contact details in a prominent place where they are very easy to find, after all, it may be the only thing they are looking for.

Make it simple to find the content they are looking for.
It’s important to understand what your customers are looking for and make it very easy for them to find and digest. Re-write the page content into smaller blocks and consider using bullet points to clarify points.

Make navigation intuitive. 
It doesn't matter whether you have a large complex site or just a few pages, your navigation need to be clear and precise. Try not to use narrow horizontal links, use vertical links with enough padding for thumbs. Have a clear home and back link on every page, and consider reducing the amount of links per page to a maximum of 6 – 7. Most people navigate initially using their thumb, and use their fingers to write text and scroll. Use large centered buttons which are thumb friendly with padding where necessary for ease of use.

It is best to keep the main functionality of your desktop site within the mobile version, it’s all down to consistency, if your customers expect a certain feature, try to make sure it’s there for them.

Data download should be considered as most users will have a monthly limit so make sure all your images are optimised for size which will have a great impact on loading times.

* Remember, mobile consumers are often in a hurry, and become frustrated when they can’t complete a task quickly.
 *Compuware, “What Users Want from Mobile”, 2011 

These are a few pointers to get you on your way, if you need a free evaluation of your site, or just an informal chat about how we can help you in reformatting for mobile devices, please give us a call on 0161 669 4633 anytime or contact Media City Way

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