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Monday, 18 March 2013

Get the best from your Landing Page

We have many clients who have different ideas about what a landing page should look like, there are some conventions you should stick to, but there really is no strict guideline that must be followed at all times.

Take for instance a client whose site is only to send specific people to for information; what’s the point in creating a ‘call to action’ and ‘content to entice’ the reader to read more. He has been led there for whatever reason the site has been developed for. This is totally opposite for a client who needs to generate leads or has something to sell, this client needs content to show that they are the authority in whatever field they are in or needs a punchy strap line to catch the attention of the visitor.

Really what you need is to have somebody who understands what you and your site require and more importantly what your visitors are looking for and the reasons of the visit.

Here are a couple of things to bear in mind when designing your page.

1: Make it easy for the visitor
They may be there just for contact info, specific content, or just visiting for research, unless it is easy to find your visitors will go elsewhere. If the experience is neither instinctive nor intuitive then you have missed your mark and you leave them unsatisfied or frustrated.  

2: Make it eye catching
A visitor can be instantly put off by a hard to read and a visually complicated layout. Old and tired looking sites make the visitor wonder if it is the same for the business. If the page is appealing to the eye and time is spent on the presentation, a better impression about the content will be given.

We know this post is covering the topic with a broad brush and there are many user interface designers who dedicate their time to refining this very interesting and complex issue, but just to bear these two simple ideas in mind can help you analyse what you require for your own landing page. For further reading look at the depths Jakob Nielson goes to, in fact it is a very interesting read and you can gain great insight into how the brain works.

If you wish to contact Media City Way about your landing page and wish to talk about ‘calls to action’, landing page SEO (Search engine optimisation), front page re-designing, or even a chat for some advice, ring 0161 669 4633 any time or send us your URL for a free appraisal.

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