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Thursday, 12 September 2013

What is a Favicon? And how to add a favicon to your site

You may have noticed in your browser that at the very top of the page where you browser tabs are there is little images next to the title of the webpage you are on.

Those little images are called Favicons.

How do I make a Favicon?

Making a Favicon is a simple task and takes only a minute or two to achieve.
Open up your preferred Graphics Program (such as Adobe Photoshop) and create a new file.

There has been a huge debate on what size to do your Favicon, 16px x 16px or 32px x 32px, we have always used 32px x 32px and have never had any problems, most common browsers scale images up or down to the correct size anyway.

You are allowed to use transparency if you want to, just make sure you save your image as a png.

How do I add a Favicon to my site?

Upload your Favicon to your server wherever you like and add the following code to the pages you want the Favicon to appear:
<link href="WEBPATH TO YOUR FAVICON GOES HERE" rel="icon" type="image/png"></link>

If there are lots of pages it is worth including the file using <?php include (or require_once) in PHP or <!--#include file="include-file.asp"--> in ASP

Still having trouble?

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