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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Big Sleepout (Final Countdown)

Media City Way's Managing Director Brian is taking part in the BIG SLEEP OUT on Friday 8th November, the aim is to raise money for The Booth Centre and create awareness of homelessness in and around Manchester.

Manchester Cathedral have kindly allowed us to use the Cathedral on the street for the event, and we have the option of sleeping inside or outside depending on how brave we feel or how bad the weather is (BTW the weather forecast is rubbish).

If you feel as Media City Way do, and wish to help, please donate as much as you'd like by visiting the Media City Way Just Giving page and give us the final push we need to reach our target.

You can also follow the event on Twitter by following @MediaCityWay or @BoothCentre to see how we are all getting on throughout the night.

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