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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Unlimited web hosting offer

This offer has now finished
Web hosting up for renewal? Our fantastic offer includes:
unlimited web space
Unlimited bandwidth 
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited databases 

for £6.50 per month or £70.00 per year 

Call us now on 0161 669 4633


  1. Glad to learn unlimited web hosting offer!! I just wanted to know purchasing ways of this hosting platform. Since I'm staying outside of UK, how can I get reach of this web hosting??

  2. Hi Charles, on purchasing our hosting package we will email you all the details of gaining access to your server. In regards to payment as you are oversea's we can send you a paypal request. Have you already secured a domain name to be used with your hosting account? If you would prefer to talk in more depth privately please email: will@mediacityway.com or use the contact us link at the top of this page.

  3. Actually I never understand that what is unlimited web hosting. Suppose you are looking to get an unlimited hard disk for you pc. Can you say me that you will able to findout an unlimited hard disk. No, its not possible. Then it is also not possible to provide unlimited hard disk. Thanks

  4. Hi Gerald thank you for your comment. With our service if you need any more space we would add another server you you have the space available. At the same time we do not want our servers to be a dumping ground for personal files and they should be used for web based activity rather than a private hard drive.

    I hope this helps your enquiry and should you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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