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Monday, 8 June 2015

How to keep your domain name(s) safe

Today a client of ours got in touch to say he had received an email about updating his domain. Unfortunately spam emails are something that all of us have gotten used to but extra care needs to be taken when reading emails.

Our top tips to keep your domain name safe are:
  1. Always use a reputable company when buying your domain names. A business like Media City Way will make sure both you are in control of your domain names, you'll be updated in plenty of time to renew your domain names and official documentation will be sent to you when its time to renew.
  2. Spam filters are a great way to stop most spam emails. With Media City Way there are multiple settings for your spam filter including off, low, medium and high. We'll even show you how to use them.
  3. Does the email look genuine? If something seems out of place give your domain name registrar a phone call and ask them if everything is all right. A phone call is better than losing your domain name and potentially a lot of money.
  4. This may sound silly but when making a phone call make sure you have the right number. An email can be branding as one company and give a phone number to a completely different company.
Let us know if you have received any spam emails by companies asking you to renew or send payment details about your domain names, the more info we can show to people the more people we can all protect.

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