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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Sync your Sent Emails from iOS to Outlook

Having email access on all devices is fantastic but what some people may notice is that when an email is sent from one device that message appears in its own Sent folder. Here's an everyday example. You use Microsoft Outlook on your desktop computer to send emails, when you send emails they will appear in your Sent folder, so far so good. You then go to a meeting and want to reply to an email on your iPhone. You send/reply to an email and that email then goes into your iPhone's Sent Folder. Your Microsoft Outlook and iPhone Sent folders are NOT the same folder though. You may find yourself searching through 2 sent folders trying to find an email you sent.

Here's the fix for iPhone, iPod and iPad's

  1. Tap the Settings app
  2. Choose Mail Contacts and Calendars
  3. Select the account with which you are having trouble syncing the Sent folder
  4. Under IMAP tap on your Account. (NOTE: If it says POP, then you have to delete the account and re-add it as an IMAP account).
  5. Choose Advanced at the bottom
  6. Under Mailbox Behaviours, tap on "Sent Mailbox"
  7. Ensure that the folder called "Sent" has a tick next to it under the On the Server section
  8. Now tap < Advanced
  9. Then tap < Account
  10. To finish tap Done

Once you have completed the steps above each email you send from Microsoft Outlook or your iPhone/iPad will now go into the same folder.

If you found this fix useful leave us a comment below.

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